Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Ascending Lights Program Director (Now accepting applications)

Responsibilities, Qualifications, and Compensation


  • Responsible for developing, leading, improving, and supervising all Ascending Lights program activities.


  • Participates in the planning and implementation of iGraduate Mentor Training events, College Information events, and other iGraduate activities.


  • Assists with grant writing and individual fundraising for Ascending Lights and iGraduate.
  • Works with staff in the preparation and use of fresh content for agency newsletters, web sites, and social media.
  • Assists the Executive Director in preparing the annual budget, and monitoring financial performance.


  • With the Executive Director and the agency President, prepares for Board meetings, including Board reports.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in a related field, Master’s Degree preferred.
  • Familiarity of methods of mentoring or teaching.
  • Experience in collaborating with churches and pastors.
  • Experience in fund raising and grant writing
  • Operating management experience, including working with budgets and financial statements.
  • Experience training, supervising and evaluating personnel.
  • Experience using web sites and social media as communication or fundraising tools.
  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Team player with strong interpersonal skills.
  • Exhibits good use of independent judgment and initiative.
  • Computer skills (familiar with Microsoft Applications and Intuit QuickBooks).
  • Bi-lingual English-Spanish preferred.


  • The Program Director is a full-time, exempt salaried position. Compensation is competitive and based upon experience and salary history. Health and dental insurance are provided. Reimbursement for personal use of vehicle is included. The Program Director also receives an expense budget for meals with donors, pastors, mentors, and students; a laptop computer; and a wireless telephone for use when conducting agency business.
  • Other duties are included or may be assigned. Plead read the complete Program Director Job Description (Here) for important additional details.

SEE HOW TO APPLY at the bottom of this page.

Ascending Lights Academic Mentor and Math Tutor

There are no positions open at this time.  However, Mentor and Math Tutor positions open up throughout the year based the characteristics of our student population.  Those interested in a future position are welcome to email a resume to us.


  • $20 per hour plus expenses


  • Christian role model
  • Previous experience tutoring or mentoring youth or young adults
  • Successful college academic record
  • Bachelor’s Degree

Please read the Academic Mentor Job Description for further detail.



How to Apply for Employment with Ascending Lights
Apply by downloading and completing the Ascending Lights Employment Application (Here)
Send a resume to:
Anne Lobsinger, MSW
Executive Director
Ascending Lights Leadership Network
PO Box 27790
Los Angeles, CA 90027