Become An Academic Mentor

Mentor Job Description and Procedures

Mentors are responsible to ensure that each student becomes the best leader they can be in their church, and does the best that they can in every course. They are also our primary communications link with our students and their churches.

  • Mentors meet with each student every week during the course semester or session.
  • Mentors review each student’s class attendance and academic progress, goals, punctuality, preparation, communication effectiveness, and leadership at church, work, and home to determine where each student might need additional support.
  • Mentors develop an accurate assessment of each student’s progress in every course based on mentoring and coaching sessions, reviewing homework assignments, assignment grades, communication with instructors, students own evaluation of their efforts, and the mentors own evaluation of the student’s efforts.
  • Mentors regularly discuss with each student their assessment of that student’s progress.
  • Mentors discuss their assessment of each student’s progress toward program goals every other week with Agency management.
  • Mentors, based on their discussions with each student, provide a written assessment of each student’s progress toward program goals to the Executive Director each January and July, after each semester. The mentors’ written assessments, after review by the Executive Director, are the basis for discussing student progress at least once each semester with the President, members of the Board, and the student’s Church Liaison and pastor.
  • Mentors communicate with the student’s Church Liaison at least once each semester.
  • Mentors actively participate in each student’s academic planning, course selection, and registration each semester or session to ensure that the courses selected by each student meet academic and transfer requirements, and are consistent with Ascending Lights program policies.

Mentors know and understand Ascending Lights program goals and policies. They are able to support and refer each of their students to appropriate sources of assistance.

Mentors attend all leadership training events and actively participate in their planning and presentation.


Mentors are adult Christian role models for our students.

  • Mentors regularly attend Sunday worship and are familiar with Christian faith community operations.
  • Mentors are prayerful, patient, and have the desire to help develop Christian leaders.

Mentors have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

Mentors have a driver’s license, reliable vehicle, and proper insurance.

Hours, Compensation, and Term of Position

The hours worked will depend on the number of students seen each week by the Mentor. Mentors will be compensated at a rate of $20.00 per hour to meet with students, travel to and from student meetings, wait for students, attend mentor meetings, attend Leadership Training events, transport students to and from Leadership Training events, and other work authorized by the Ascending Lights management. Mentors will also receive compensation for some transportation costs and meals or snacks while seeing students. No other benefits are provided. The term of the position is for one community college semester subject to renewal based on satisfactory performance, program need, and availability of funding. Mentors report directly to the Executive Director.

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