Guidelines for Recruiting Students


There may be leaders in your church who qualify for the Ascending Lights program. There is no age limit, and we welcome many who have had difficulty in school in the past.

Please keep in mind that:

  1. We seek candidates with strong records of self-initiated Christian service and who serve as leaders in their churches. Regularly volunteering to sing in the choir, taking up the collection on Sundays, or participating in other specific ministries do not necessarily indicate that people are serving as leaders. We are looking for candidates who freely choose to serve, and are not participating because anyone else is pushing them.
  2. We seek candidates who have completed a high school degree.
  3. We seek candidates who have at least two years of community college studies ahead of them before they can earn a degree or certificate.
  4. We are looking for candidates who are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents (Green Card).
  5. Candidates must meet individual and family income qualifications.
  6. Ascending Lights is not able to accept full-time church employees or relatives of pastors or of full-time church employees.
  7. Churches of people who participate in Ascending Lights also designate one of their members to serve as the Ascending Lights Church Liaison. Church Liaisons meet with the Ascending Lights student(s) from their church at least once each month during each semester. They are open to respond to questions from students about the doctrines and history of their church, their relationship to God, and other questions of faith. Church Liaisons review each student’s class attendance and academic progress, goals, punctuality, preparation, communication effectiveness, and participation at church, work, and home to determine where each student might need additional support. Church Liaisons meet at least once each semester with their student’s Mentor to review Ascending Lights’ written student assessment. Church Liaisons know and understand Ascending Lights program goals and policies. They are able to support and refer each of their students to appropriate sources of assistance in their congregation, parish, denomination, and church.
  8. All scholarships are pre-funded by private donations. There are no monetary costs to students or their churches.

Please refer to the Student Handbook for other qualification criteria and general information on our program.


If you believe that you have a candidate who fits these guidelines please download the Scholarship Application and its instructions from this site.  Return the completed application to the address indicated on the form.  We will then contact you to discuss the candidate and provide further instructions.  Please direct any questions you might have to:

Gary Krauss, President

We look forward to working with you!