Pastor Comments

Pastor Comments

It has been our great pleasure to be able to serve many hard working and loving pastors in Los Angeles. Below are some of their comments on the Ascending Lights program.

“Today we have four young women in your program. The first two entered in 1996 and have blossomed into very important leaders in the parish. Just last year, two additional students received scholarships from you. The latter two represent one of the most beautiful aspects of your work: They both were inspired and mentored as high school students by the first two young people we sent you.

I have been especially impressed by how much time your agency has spent on counseling and mentoring our young folks. The path out of poverty is never easy. Often, the barriers due to poor life skills are as daunting as the lack of family income or education. Your commitment to seeing these women through the difficult times they have experienced is a powerful Christian witness to all of us.”

Rev. Michael Kennedy, S.J., Dolores Mission

“Our churches are desperately in need of young adults who can be given major responsibilities in outreach ministries. Similarly, there is tremendous need for folks who can lead by example in their own lives. Your program does both. Your combination of community college vocational education, Christian leadership, and careful, loving mentoring remain unprecedented in our City to this day.”

Rev Msgr, David O’Connell, Church of the Ascension

“From the beginning I am aware of your determination that you would find a way to prepare young adults in vocational degree programs so that they would have income potential as well as develop leadership positions. You have done that admirably. I applaud your efforts and wish you every success as you continue to reach out and seek the support of the community.”

Cardinal Roger Mahony