Mentoring Program

Our Mentoring Program

The mentoring program of the Ascending Lights Leadership Network is the single most important component of our agency’s work. The mentoring program has two primary objectives:

  1. To ensure that each student succeeds in his or her college studies, earning the highest grades possible. This assignment is performed by the Academic Mentor.
  2. To ensure that each student grows in the practical application of Christian principles to the challenges facing a leader in urban ministry. This assignment is performed by the Spiritual Mentor.

Academic Mentoring

Each Ascending Lights student meets with an Academic Mentor once a week. During the meeting the mentor reviews the student’s performance in each class. Tests, papers, quizzes and class assignments are tracked and carefully monitored. If the student reports any difficulty, the Academic Mentor’s job is to see to it that appropriate tutoring or other assistance is quickly arranged.  This highly refined process, designed by our students themselves, has consistently resulted in significant numbers of our students earning honor roll status.

Comments from Academic Mentors


Spiritual Mentoring

When a student is accepted for an Ascending Lights scholarship, his or her church selects a Liaison to accompany the student on their journey in our program. The Liaison meets once a month with the student and supervises his or her spiritual enrichment activities. The Liaison may use the Exercises for Spiritual Enrichment on this website in order to accomplish this task. The Exercises for Spiritual Enrichment examine the Word of God as it relates to the difficult issues that challenge our faith.

The Liaison is also responsible to arrange for, and supervise, the student’s required monthly Christian service.