Scholarship Benefits

Ascending Lights Scholarship Benefits

The Ascending Lights program provides a comprehensive range of financial and relational benefits to scholarship recipients. All are bundled together to insure that no obstacle exists that might prevent a student from achieving the goals of the program. Those goals are:

  1. The acquisition of an Associate’s Degree or certificate in a modern career field that translates into a good paying job;
  2. Preparation for continued academic success at the university level; and
  3. The acquisition of effective leadership skills for use in urban ministry.

Financial Benefits

Ascending Lights covers all of the costs for student to obtain an Associate’s Degree in a modern occupational field from one of several local community colleges. With a qualifying grade point average, the program will also pay the costs necessary for the student to transfer to a university with junior standing. These costs include:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Books and classroom supplies
  • Meals while at school
  • Tools and uniforms if required
  • Transportation costs
  • Tutoring if required
  • Counseling if necessary
  • Loaned computer and printer

Relational Benefits

Even more important than the financial benefits are the ways that each Ascending Lights student is mentored throughout the program.

  • Academic Mentoring: Each student meets with an academic mentor on a weekly basis. During the sessions the mentor reviews assignments, tests, quizzes, and papers with the student. The academic mentor links the student with tutoring, counseling, and other resources necessary to insure the best grades possible each semester.
  • Christian leadership training: Four times a year, all students and mentors gather on a Saturday for an all-day seminar on a topic related to urban ministry. Exercises are assigned that cause participants to learn by doing in a multi cultural, multi denominational environment.